About Us

Citrus Design Studio is the brain child of Dillip M. Gupta with the vision of interactive technologies, usability and graphics design. It tries to stay to its motto, inclined to serve its customers with better visual effects, fresh graphic ideas. Because Citrus Design Studio provides FEAST FOR YOUR EYES !!!

Citrus Design Studio’s ideas are in innovation, creative excellence and an unmatched level of technical expertise. We are successful because we are meticulous about the synergy between creative strategy and technology. We have grown steadily by virtue of our dedicated work and also through recommendation and repeat business. Last year 70% of our business has come through existing clients and referrals. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and the relationships that we normally build with our clients. A close working relationship with clients allows us to understand their business. Collaboration throughout the project process results in innovative solutions for clients who are passionate about their business.

We caters to diverse business industry verticals by offering differentiated products and services. The approach is to understand the Business of the customer, translate the business needs through effective design of feasible business solutions. Whether we are acting on the entire marketing strategy and production department, or providing technical expertise to an in-house team, we remain a flexible resource dedicated to provide our clients with a cost effective service.

Our Vision
At Citrus Design Studio, the pursuit of ideas are a passion with us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are borne out of workaday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to a business situation. Ideas that work!

To continually come up with winning ideas in web designing and web development for our customers, without losing sight of changing technology and industry scenario is our aim. To set new standards in online communication and service is our strength. To usher our customers into an age, where the thin line between real world personal contact and online connectivity and digital convenience will disappear, is our vision for the future. To be the flexible partner of innovative minded companies that want to drive profitable business, we provide exceptional services and products to our customers through new and emerging channels.

Our Values
In all that we do, professionalism is the single most important quality of all our team members. Citrus Design Studio is an entrepreneurial company. We minimize bureaucracy and focus on results. While we understand the need for a rigorous process, we don't let it get in the way of our output.